The Beginning Of Desire

Finally –
we are apart
you have returned to your strenuous life
the heated passion of younger time
buried deep in my mind
I am moving on
carrying with me fresh pain and faded memories
The wicked smile
and sweet sound of your voice
still echo
like the howling of the spirits at night.
Love –
is the express train that never stops
the lost traveler staring through the
corner of deepest sky
searching for any sign of what remains
from the train that just passed by
Night will fall
and the murky cloud will surround
this wasted land
where he is stranded
Happiness –
is a delicate flower in the wind
one day
it will be blown away
And in desperation
I am continuing to search with obstacles around me
for the vision of life
time passing by
the pain remains alive
Like a free bird
in the immense sky
nowhere to turn
the jungle is filled with unseen traps
and dangers envelop its flight
Finally –
in shattered love
even a stone will agonize
like thousand pieces of broken glass
still reflect the segregation and suffering
and in deep remembrances
we will return to
the beginning
of desire

Pham Ngoc


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