“Goodbye” Cannot Be A Word Of Expression

The last time we met
there was nothing left to say
the echoes of your sobbing
filled the air
the sorrows in me
vast as the night sky
the final word was silenced
because “goodbye”
cannot be a word of expression
All of the memories that we shared
came rushing back within me
like fractures on an empty field
after the quake
Snow has started to fall
covering the deserted street
the sign of winter is coming
and the last rainy day just disappearing
the only thing left now
is the air filled with the blameless white snow
from afar
a lost bird
crashed into the mountain slope
I have been hoping for a slight shade of sunlight
I have been looking into an empty crater
for obsessions that no longer remained
You have been transformed
into the everlasting flower that is forever within me
and pains and sorrows that I have endured will never end
This strenuous and troubled life
is just like a boat in a stormy sea
that has never seen a peaceful day
love and happiness that I have been searching for
is just a dream
that continues to glitter
but will never near
And finally
everything is just an illusion
dream and reality
continuing to embrace each other
you and I
heading in different directions
dreams still hovering around
reality has become tears that are crumbling down

Pham Ngoc
(Letters from the soul)


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